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Re: [HTCondor-users] Suggestion for a small change to condor_submit

* On 17 Sep 2014, Ian Cottam wrote: 
> When we run a training event for HTCondor users here at Manchester, we do
> the obvious mod to some of our Condor compute nodes to reserve them for
> students on the course.
> This also requires two changes to all their submit files:
> 1. the extra line 
> +TrainingJob = True
> and
> 2. the Requirements line needs a term conjoining
> && (Target.TrainingSlot)
> Now, we don't have to edit the submit file for 1. because we can use -a:
> condor_submit -a '+TrainingJob = True' submit.txt
> but we can't do that for 2.

condor_submit -a 'Requirements = $(Requirements) && (Target.TrainingSlot)' submit.txt

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