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Re: [HTCondor-users] How do you define a set of nodes/hosts?

Hi Lukas,

We address just that MATLAB issue here. To see how we do it look at:


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On 19/09/14 14:17, Lukas Koschmieder wrote:



I’d like to somehow define sets of nodes that share a common feature like providing a certain software. The reason is that I don’t want users having to memorize which machine provides which software.


I thought it might be possible to use custom condor_config variables for this purpose. But it seems that this doesn’t work. This is what I’ve tried:




## Variable definition (Set of machines which provide “Matlab”)

MATLAB_AVAIL = Machine == "foo.com" || Machine == "bar.com"




## Variable access



If I submit the above file this extra line doesn’t have any effect. I think that Condor replaces $(HAS_MATLAB) with the OS environment variable HAS_MATLAB which doesn’t exist and therefore this line is either skipped or REQUIREMENTS is set to “none”.


However, I’m quite sure that there must be some way to do this… Could you give me a hint?


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