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[HTCondor-users] a newbee

Dear all,

Three questions from a very beginner...

We start to configure a cluster of 25 iMacs + 1 master. Our lab is computing massive MonteCarlo medical simulation using Geant4. We try to install and use htcondor 8.2.9 for this purpose but we encounter difficulties.

1. first question: if a mac user reads that, is it possible to send us a copy of the condor config file. It would be VERY helpful

2. the online manual seems to be made for Linux distribution. For example I try to follow the install command (from manual):
% condor_install --prefix=~condor \
	--local-dir=/scratch/condor --type=manager

but /scratch does not exist on Mac.
So sorry for stupid question but for mac users: can you tell us what did you choose as
start directory (where you unzip the install files and execute the condor_install command)
local directory (--local-dir option)
install directory (--install-dir option)
release directory (--install option)

I choose to set these 4 options to /Applications/condor but not sure it is a good option.

3. Where is condor_compile installed ? I can't find it on a mac. I read on a forum that there is no standard universe for mac. So maybe there is no need for condor_compile ?

Thank you very much

SIMON Luc, Physicien MÃdical, PhD
DÃpartement d'IngÃnierie et de Physique MÃdicale - IUCT-Oncopole - Toulouse, FRANCE
INSERM UMR 1037 (CRCT) - Equipe 15 - Toulouse, FRANCE