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Re: [HTCondor-users] not starting jobs in condor ver 8.3.6

I hope you can figure out what I need to change to my my condor jobs to start Thanks for looking in to my issue

	From the negotiator log:

07/02/15 10:45:37 Phase 4.1:  Negotiating with schedds ...
07/02/15 10:45:37 Negotiating with cosy11@xxxxxxxxxxx at <>
07/02/15 10:45:37 0 seconds so far
07/02/15 10:45:37 SECMAN: FAILED: Received "DENIED" from server for user unauthenticated@unmapped using method (no authentication). 07/02/15 10:45:37 ERROR: SECMAN:2010:Received "DENIED" from server for user unauthenticated@unmapped using method (no authentication). 07/02/15 10:45:37 Failed to send NEGOTIATE command to cosy11@xxxxxxxxxxx (<>)
07/02/15 10:45:37   Error: Ignoring submitter for this cycle

	The schedd says:

07/02/15 10:45:37 (pid:1818) PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated@unmapped from host for command 416 (NEGOTIATE), access level NEGOTIATOR: reason: NEGOTIATOR authorization policy contains no matching ALLOW entry for this request; identifiers used for this host:,cond-b-7212ad3c-320d-4981-9d09-b535053abab8.novalocal, hostname size = 1, original ip address = 07/02/15 10:45:37 (pid:1818) DC_AUTHENTICATE: Command not authorized, done!

Which is what I was trying to fix with my earlier suggestion (B); sorry that I asked you to turn the wrong knobs. Try adding ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR and ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR_SCHEDD to your config, setting each to 10.200.60.*, or the specific machine hosting the negotiator (

Note that HTCondor thinks that is cond-b-7212ad3c-320d-4981-9d09-b535053abab8.novalocal, not oswrk121.lns.mit.edu. This makes sense, because (at least for me) oswrk121.lns.mit.edu looks up as

I'm pretty sure what's going on is a disagreement between different parts of HTCondor about how to handle TCP_FORWARDING_HOST. If you look at the string the negotiator said it was trying to connect to,


you can see that the first and second IP addresses are not the same; the first is the TCP_FORWARDING_HOST and the second is the IP address that HTCondor found on the machine.

- ToddM