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[HTCondor-users] Perform condor_q, condor_status selections on Requirements

Hi all,

we are currently trying to select jobs and startds from condor_q and condor_status for monitoring purposes. The problem is that our criteria mostly work with REQUIREMENT and RANK attributes of the ClassAds which cannot be used with -constraint.
My guess is that is due to them requiring a TARGET for evaluation.

Our solution so far is to do grepâs and similar on the output of condor_q and condor_status with the -format option. This however seems inefficient and prone to failure when users get creative (e.g. when using intricate regexp for machine selection).

Is there a way to apply condor_q/condor_status -constraint to ClassAd attributes requiring a TARGET? Can we perhaps actually supply a TARGET ClassAd for the evaluation? Is this possible with the python bindings perhaps?