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Re: [HTCondor-users] custom ClassAd again (how to debug crondor)?

does condor_config_val -config show that /tmp/hasdb.log is being read?

On 5/21/2015 2:16 PM, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
Repost: I changed my script to

date > /tmp/hasdb.log
if [ ! -d "/var/tmp/bmrb/blast/db" ] ; then.
    echo "HAS_DB=FALSE"
    echo "HAS_DB=FALSE" >> /tmp/hasdb.log
    exit 1.
echo "HAS_DB=TRUE"
echo "HAS_DB=TRUE" >> /tmp/hasdb.log
It is logging "HAS_DB=TRUE" to the file every 15 minutes. Yet the
attribute is not in condor_config_val -dump.

Any suggestions? Am I looking in the wrong place?

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