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Re: [HTCondor-users] Running short-lived jobs on Condor

Hi Thomas,

This is certainly something Iâd expect HTCondor to handle well. (It may be a matter of tuning).  What version of HTCondor are you using?

Being that you say âqueue is actually often emptyâ, Iâd guess that DAGMan is not submitting fast enough.  Hereâs a few suggestions:

# Number of jobs DAGMan will submit at once (default 5).
# Number of seconds between checks for submitting more jobs (default 5)
# Amount of time slot will do work for a user/schedd before a new negotiation cycle is needed.
# Within this time, the schedd will instantly run another job on the slot (if there are jobs in queue!)
# Default 1200
# How much time the schedd will hold onto the slot even if it has no jobs to run.
# This gives DAGMan some time to submit more if it runs out of jobs.
# Default 20

Basically, this all avoids slots having to go back to the negotiator between short jobs.  Thatâs what can cause a lot of your throughput loss!

Hope this helps,


> On Jun 18, 2015, at 1:23 PM, Rowe, Thomas <rowet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The simulation replications I'm running can take anywhere between three days and thirty seconds. I have 80 slots on this network. Everything is great if runtimes are up towards a half hour. All slots are kept busy grinding away. But if I submit five hundred jobs that take 40 seconds each, I see at most about 30 slots put to use. The queue is actually often empty and all slots idle for one minute stretches except for the dagman job.
> I played around with the NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL setting, dropping it down to 20 seconds but that didn't seem to have too much impact.
> What can I do to make it so that short running jobs don't result in a mostly idle cluster? There are many *_INTERVAL settings and it's not exactly obvious what knobs to turn. "HTCondor can't handle that case well" is a perfectly valid answer if that's the case.
> Same question nine years ago without clear answers: https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/htcondor-users/2006-September/msg00255.shtml
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