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Re: [HTCondor-users] dynamic hierarchical group quotas clarification / python APÏ ?

In the previous message, I neglected to fix some of the example output to match the earlier usage. In particular, I had group_Science in some places in the example where I should have had just Science to be consistent with earlier useage. Here is the corrected bit from
the last example.

AccountingGroup29 = "<none>"
Name29 = "Science.johnkn@machine"
IsAccountingGroup29 = false

but if Science IS in the GROUP_NAMES attribute, you get this.

Group Config Use Effective Priority Res Total Usage Time Since Requested User Name Quota Surplus Priority Factor In Use (wghted-hrs) Last Usage Resources -------------------------------------- --------- ------- ------------ --------- ------ ------------ ---------- ---------- Science 0.33 no 1000.00 0 0.02 0+00:07 0 johnkn@machine 500.00 1000.00 0 0.02 0+00:07

and the relevant attributes of condor_userprio -long are

AccountingGroup6 = "<none>"
Name6 = "Science"
IsAccountingGroup6 = true

AccountingGroup41 = "Science"
Name41 = "Science.johnkn@machine"
IsAccountingGroup41 = false