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[HTCondor-users] User prioritization



I’m administering a small HTCondor grid and have a question about customizing job prioritization. I know that HTCondor computes a priority for each user, with users who are utilizing few resources receiving a higher priority than users who are utilizing many. This prioritization algorithm sounds sufficient for my needs. However, our setup is such that all jobs are run under the same user account.


Is it possible to have HTCondor key its user prioritization algorithm on a ClassAd attribute of the submitted jobs other than the username that’s running the job? (Since the user is always the same in our case).


For example, let’s say that I require all users to submit all of their jobs with a ClassAd attribute “my_name = <a unique ID for that user>”. Can I get HTCondor to prioritize jobs based on that attribute, rather than the “Owner” attribute, which in our case is a service account that’s the same for every job?



Jesse Farnham


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