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[HTCondor-users] syntax for GlobalJobId and DaemonStartTime


The 8.2 manual states this for the syntax of GlobalJobId:

"GlobalJobId:A string intended to be a unique job identifier within a
pool. It currently contains the condor_schedd daemon Name attribute, a
job identifier composed of attributes ClusterId and ProcId separated
by a period, and the condor_schedd attribute DaemonStartTime,
separated by # characters. The value
submit.example.com#152.3#1358363336 is an example."

For DaemonStartTime the manual has

"DaemonStartTime: The time that this daemon was started, represented
as the number of second elapsed since the Unix epoch (00:00:00 UTC,
Jan 1, 1970)."

So I would expect that between restarts of the schedd the last part of
a GlobalJobId would not change.

That is not, however, what I see. Instead I see for example

$ condor_q -long | grep Global
GlobalJobId = "stsci-dev.sphericalcowgroup.com#87.0#1432670906"

and then just a bit later

$ condor_q -long | grep Global
GlobalJobId = "stsci-dev.sphericalcowgroup.com#88.0#1432671410"

I did not expect 1432670906 to change to 1432671410 since the schedd
was not restarted between those two jobs.

Am I misunderstanding how the GlobalJobId is constructed?


Scott K