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[HTCondor-users] hostname empty on node restart

Dear all,

We have a few machines in our pool now, running either Ubuntu (various recent-ish versions) or CentOS 7. HT Condor is installed from repositories on all machines. Version 8.2.8 is installed on all nodes and the master (which runs CentOS 7).

When restarting (at least the Ubuntu machines, I forget if the CentOS machines still do this), the condor service is started on the nodes, but it seems that it is probably done too early. Hence if I run condor_status I get a list as attached, where for the restarted node I see slotN@ Instead of slotN@hostname

It seems that this is also hindering the slots from being used. The solution we currently use is to manually run a simple 'sudo service condor restart'. After that the hostname is shown correctly and everything works fine. It is a bit troublesome as the Ubuntu boxes are office computers which us 'condor admins' don't have sudo access to necessarily, so we have to ask the owners to run the commands.

Does anyone know why this happens?


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