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[HTCondor-users] Preventing users from submitting too many jobs


I would like to have a mechanism to prevent a user from submitting new jobs if he or she already has a large number of jobs in the queue (e.g. >20,000).

SUBMIT_MAX_PROCS_IN_CLUSTER and MAX_JOBS_SUBMITTED help, but don't solve the problem completely because they are global limits, and I'd like to have per-user limits.

What I am thinking of doing is replacing condor_submit with a wrapper that runs condor_q to check if the user submitted too many jobs, and if so, drops a config file with appropriate SUBMIT_REQUIREMENT_* to block the user from submitting more. The wrapper would be clever enough to skip condor_q if its called too frequently.

Does anybody know of a simpler way to have per-user limits on the number of jobs in queue?

Is there a way to do something similar for jobs submitted using python bindings and/or remote submissions?