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[HTCondor-users] division of totaldisk to totalslotdisk with dynamic slots

i have configures an htcondor cluster with dynamic slots. this works so far, however, one behavior seems strange and i have no idea why this is happening and how to fix it:

the dynamic "masterslot" is configure like this in the config file of the execution host:

SLOT_TYPE_1 = 100%

the execution host has 144 CPUs. when i submit some jobs, new slots appear as expected. the strange thing is, when i look at the classads of this new slot, i see this:

TotalSlotDisk = 431664.0
TotalDisk = 43166420

so, in contrast to the manual, every slot gets assigned 1/100 of the totaldisk value, although they are supposed to be equal. the value of TotalSlotDisk does not depend on anything i put into the submission file like request_disk. it is always like this, independent of how many jobs are submitted and how many resources they actually request.

another strange thing happens when i configure the slot like this:

SLOT_TYPE_1 = cpu=100%,memory=100%,disk=50%

this leads to the following output when, on the idle cluster, i issue: condor_status -avail -autoformat Disk


this number is right in that case, because it is, as expected, 50% of the available disk space. however, this does not change the TotalSlotDisk and TotalDisk within the busy dynamic slots as soon as i submit jobs.

may i ask you for some help here to figure out, what i do wrong?

thanks a lot in advance,

Dr. Thomas Hartmann

Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
FB Psychologie
UniversitÃt Salzburg
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5020 Salzburg

Tel: +43 662 8044 5109
Email: thomas.hartmann@xxxxxxxx

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