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[HTCondor-users] Windows - Condor 8.4.1 - queue command in submit file

Hi All

I've been fiddling with condor 8.4.1 on a windows submit machine and testing the
new features of the "queue" command.

Simple submit file:

universe = vanilla
executable = test.bat
output = test_$(Cluster)_$(Process).out
error = test_$(Cluster)_$(Process).err
log = test_$(Cluster)_$(Process).log
requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" || Arch == "X86_64")
+Shortjob = True
rank = ConsoleIdle
arguments = $(ItemIndex)
transfer_input_files = $(fname), dummy.dll
#queue fname in input_0.dat input_1.dat input_2.dat input_3.dat input_4.dat input_5.dat input_6.dat input_7.dat input_8.dat input_9.dat 
#queue fname matching files *.dat
#queue fname from files.txt
queue fname from files.bat |

All 3 commented out "queue" statements work fine (and identically as expected),
however the last one (attempting to use a script) does not.

The files.bat script is just the command:
dir /b *.dat

When running condor_submit I get:

WARNING: Empty value(s) for fname at ItemIndex=0!.
ERROR: Can't open "C:\Data\condor_stuff\examples\condor_test>dir /b *.dat"  with flags 00 (Invalid argument)

It appears as though it is not recognizing it as a script and is just trying
to look for a list of items (files) in files.bat?

Further testing with the text file of filenames shows that:
queue fname from files.txt |
gives an error:
ERROR: on Line 21 of submit file: not a valid command
ERROR: Failed to parse command file (line 21).

So it appears as though having the | symbol means something at least.

I'm probably doing something wrong. Can anyone enlighten me? Maybe this isn't implemented
in windows yet?