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[HTCondor-users] When configuring a new htcondor cluster, is it mandatory to change the server's hostname?


I am setting up a 2-node htcondor v8.2.3 on Microsoft Azure. I am setting the htcondor master up on
an existing server, login-server.
It is already running x2go remote desktop server and 389 directory server.

 |eth0 =   (= login-server)   |
 |eth1 = (= htcondor-master)|

I have another node which I would like to use as a htcondor execution host, 'htcondor-exec'.

 |eth0 = (= htcondor-exec)  |

I would like to use the hostname login-server for x2go service and hostnames htcondor-master and htcondor-exec for the htcondor setup.

I am able to setup the nodes with condor_install but when starting up condor_master, it complains that it can not find the host specific configuration file from under --local-dir. My local directory is called var/hosts/htcondor-master and condor_master tries to open the directory according to the hostname of the server which is login-server (i.e. var/hosts/login-server.

I was able to make htcondor work by changing the login-server hostname to htcondor-master, by setting CONDOR_HOST = htcondor-master in etc/condor_config and setting NETWORK_INTERFACE = in var/hosts/htcondor-master/condor_config.local.

My question is, is it mandatory to change the hostname of login-server to htcondor-master to make htcondor work?