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[HTCondor-users] editing offline class ads



I want to be able to hibernate a worker node quickly. I currently have the node set up to hibernate when it’s been idle for a set amount of time.


My current plan of attack is to add a boolean to the node’s START _expression_ that stops it from taking jobs. I have a script that triggers the change of this boolean to FALSE and also removes jobs from the node. With the START _expression_ evaluating to false the node stays idle and hibernates.


The problem is that the Persistent Offline Ad retains the “START = False” and so the machine is not matched and the rooster does not wake it up… ever.


Is there a way to edit the Offline Ad? I tried editing the file with the persistent offline ads in, but the change didn’t take effect ie the ad in the persistent file showed “Start = True” but a condor_status showed “Start = false”.