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Re: [HTCondor-users] editing offline class ads

My current plan of attack is to add a boolean to the node's START expression that stops it from taking jobs. I have a script that triggers the change of this boolean to FALSE and also removes jobs from the node. With the START expression evaluating to false the node stays idle and hibernates.

It seems like it might be easier to add the boolean to the HIBERNATE expression and let HTCondor do the rest of the work, but I have to admit I don't know if the hibernation mechanism can cause the machine to stop accepting jobs.

Is there a way to edit the Offline Ad? I tried editing the file with the persistent offline ads in, but the change didn't take effect ie the ad in the persistent file showed "Start = True" but a condor_status showed "Start = false".

Stupid question, but did you try using condor_advertise? You should be pretty much able to do a condor_status -l, change the START expression, and then feed the result back into condor_advertise.

- Todd Miller