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Re: [HTCondor-users] hibernating an idle machine ONLY after it has been up for X seconds

Hi Greg,

You don't need to fiddle with the config files except to define the

They're usually called Daemon Classad Hooks or Startd crons.


We use a few of them. I see you're with the STFC. If you speak to your
colleagues at RAL they should be able to walk you through writing one.

If not, I can send you an annotated example.

Basically a hook can call out to a script/executable. In your case this
could just be a bash script that grabs seconds from /proc/uptime.

Then from the script your stdout is something like:

CronSystemUptime = 1229.64

HTCondor then feeds this into the classad of the concerned Daemon.



On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 08:53:47AM +0000, greg.corbett@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Ben
> > There are cases when it will be shorter than you want
> Forgive me if I miss understand. Aren't those cases the same cases as using MonitorSelfAge? If the Daemon resets it works, but otherwise hibernates to quickly?
> > Another option would be to write a startd cron that checks the system uptime and reports that as a classad attribute.
> What would that look like? I currently have a script that passes the StartLog for signs of having woke up from Hibernation but I couldn't find a way to "feed" that info into the config file.
> Thanks
> Greg

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