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Re: [HTCondor-users] CREAM error: Failed to start gahp

> May need to play âlddâ games again to figure out where /usr/sbin/cream_gahp is getting its Globus libraries from.  Judging from the error message above, Iâm guessing youâre seeing a mix of system libraries and condor-internal libraries (maybe try uninstalling the globus libraries from the system root?).
> Another alternate may be to use the OSG packaging of HTCondor (assuming your system globus is from OSG).  Thatâs meant to be a bit more consistent with system Globus.

actually, the reserve approach worked fine: un-installed the OSG
globus lib, and leave only the ones created by
I need to understand now what is the problem they are having at CERN...

Thanks a lot for the help!!!