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[HTCondor-users] Referencing job attributes in START expression

A request for clarification please.

I would like to configure a machine so that it will only run jobs that contain a particular job classAd attribute: that is, if a user omits that attribute, it is ineligible to run on certain machines.

According to
I think this should be possible by suitable configuration of the START _expression_:

The most important _expression_ to theÂcondor_startdÂis theÂSTARTÂ_expression_. This _expression_ describes the conditions that must be met for a machine or slot to run a job. This _expression_ can reference attributes in the machine's ClassAd (such asÂKeyboardIdleÂandÂLoadAvg) and attributes in a job ClassAd (such asÂOwner,ÂImagesize, andÂCmd, the name of the executable the job will run).

What I can't tell is: to reference an attribute in the job classAd, should I use the unqualified attribute, or TARGET.attr or MY.attr, or something else?

After reading
I think I can rephrase this question as: "when the START _expression_ is evaluated, is the local classAd the machine classAd or the job classAd"?

There are examples for the RANK _expression_ which suggest the job classAd is the local classAd:
RANK = Owner == "coltrane" ... etc

so does this apply to the START _expression_ too?



P.S. I have noted from the documentation that I also have to set IS_OWNER = False if I include job classAds in the START _expression_