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[HTCondor-users] Is slice [::] limited??


we have recently updated to HTCondor version 8.4.0 and I was doing some test with the new queue features. When testing slices, I'm getting an error if I use values greater than 99... Is there a limit for indexes in the slice? I haven't found anything about that in the documentation...

I'm testing the following example with a rather big data.lst file:

[...]$ wc data.lst
 13644  96508 544679 data.lst

with "queue arguments from [93:99:5] data.lst" it works fine, but if I use "queue arguments from [93:100:5] data.lst" then I get next error when submitting:

ERROR: on Line 11 of submit file: can't open file
ERROR: Failed to parse command file (line 11).


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