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Re: [HTCondor-users] the line 'tmpdir=' was unused warning?


Did you end up having tmpdir defined in your DAG VARS for nodes for which it was not referenced it in the corresponding submit file?  That would produce the error.  But as long as you *do* define tmpdir for nodes for which the submit file references it, you'd end up with the correct functionality, as you describe.

(I'm assuming tmpdir is defined by VARS statements in your DAG file; that ends up putting '-a "tmpdir = <something>" on the condor_submit command line, and then condor_submit complains if you don't reference tmpdir (not case-sensitive) in the submit file.)

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On 09/23/2015 10:19 AM, John M Knoeller wrote:
> that looks a warning that condor_submit will produce if you have
>     tmpdir = <something>
> but you don't have any statements in your submit file that refer to that variable.
> having
> transfer_output_remaps = "$(OUTFILE) = $(TMPDIR)/$(OUTFILE)"
> in the same submit file should qualify as a reference,  so you should only be getting
> that warning when you have the first statement but not the second.

Ah, thank you. Looks like I've a copy-paste error in a submit file.
Dimitri Maziuk
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