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[HTCondor-users] hibernating an idle machine ONLY after it has been up for X seconds



I am currently able to hibernate a machine that is idle and has been idle for a certain length of time.


I would like to add a clause that meant that after a machine was woken up from hibernation, it would not go back into hibernation for X seconds.


Something like ( CurrentTime – LastWakeUpTime > X ) would work i.e, it would evaluate to true iff X seconds had passed since it last woke up. But I can’t find a suitable machine ClassAd attribute along the lines of LastWakeUpTime.


So far I have been using ( MonitorSelfAge > X ), which works only if the machine has been hibernating so long that the condor_start Daemon restarts on wake up.


Ideally, the clause wouldn’t require the machine to be hibernating for a certain length of time to work. Any suggestions?


Alternatively, something like “has the machine ran a job since waking up from hibernation” would probably work equally well.