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[HTCondor-users] identifying (gracefully/peacefully) shutting down daemons

Hi all,

I would like to find all daemons in my pool, that got a condor_off
(-graceful -peaceful) and are draining and shutting down. So,
is_owner/draining status is implied. Draining related ads are afais no
positive indicator, since maybe the defragd would also initiates drainings.

For the startd's I suppose

Activity = Retiring
ChildActivity = { "Retiring"

would be the ads to check for.

But I am not sure, if this is sufficient for identifying a node's
daemon(s) shutting down compared to a job/slot preempting/draining for
any reason where the daemons/slots(?) would be staying subsequently
alive [1]?

Cheers and thanks,


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