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Re: [HTCondor-users] identifying (gracefully/peacefully) shutting down daemons

Hi Brian,

On 2016-08-04 21:54, Brian Bockelman wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I donât know of any way to do this myself.
> Note thereâs two levels here:
> - Determining the state of the master.  Is it trying to shut down daemons?

yes, to read the state of the master for its daemons would be most

> - Determining the state of the child daemons.  Did they successfully get the signal from the master?

What I am not sure about, if I got it correctly, is if it is possible to
differentiate from which daemon another daemon got a signal. I.e., if a
startd got into draining due to the master preparing a shutdown or due
to defrag?

> Brian

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