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Re: [HTCondor-users] Rank expression for match making using a python script

HI Luke,

I am not really an expert, but anyways...
Quick question: when (or where) do you want to analyze the input
files? Before submitting the job, or once the job have been submitted
but just before the matchmaking?

If you can analyze the input files before submission, I guess you can
always set a convenient list of classads in the submit file, as a
result of the analysis, and then let the rank expression + matchmaking
to pick the right node.

If that is not feasible, and must be done after submission, you can
try manipulating the job classads just before the matchmaking is being
called using the Job Router hooks
(which I am currently learning myself how to use, so still in the
process of understanding them):


What I am not sure if that you will be able to inspect the content of
the input file at that point. Maybe you can. It will be nice to know.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

2016-08-10 17:37 GMT-04:00 L Kreczko <L.Kreczko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear experts,
> I am trying to write a simple python script that takes the job input files,
> does a quick analysis and returns useful results to condor for match making.
> I am very sure that this was demonstrated somewhere (python scripts in
> condor expressions), but I cannot find it in my notes nor via google.
> Could you please send me some pointers?
> What I want to do:
> - before matchmaking analyse job input files with python
> - return a result that condor can use for making the match making decision
> (i.e. some nodes are better for input A then others)
> Cheers,
> Luke
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