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Re: [HTCondor-users] Trying to set-up DedicatedScheduler for parallel universe, but not preempting serial jobs


I am going through the same problem, and almost certainly failing even more. I was trying to dedicate two nodes exclusively to MPI jobs. I would be happy with that
for a start, but no joy. Have you succeeded on that?

Thanks, raul

On 06/12/16 15:47, Carsten Aulbert wrote:
Hi all

I'm currently stuck with this problem and don't really know where to

I've set-up two execute nodes with four cores each to only run my jobs (

START = Owner == "carsten"

). The set-up is with fully partitionable slots, i.e.

SLOT_TYPE_1 = ram=15023, swap=0%

In the absence of any jobs running on the execute machines, I get both via

machine_count = 2
request_cpus = 4

So far so good. To allow both parallel and serial jobs I followed the
second policy of
with the only exception for START described above and

PREEMPT = Scheduler =!= $(DedicatedScheduler)

after both PREEMPT = True as well as PREEMPT = false did not really work

I started four single core jobs on one of the execute nodes and
hoped/expected HTCondor to preempt those to launch the parallel job, but
so far to no avail. The empty second execute nodes is fully matched but
no preemption occurs on the first one.

Other things tried so far:

* setting ALLOW_PSLOT_PREEMPTION = True on negotiatior, schedd and
execute node
* reducing various timers to check if these have any say in preemption,
but so far blanks only:

MaxJobRetirementTime = 1
MachineMaxVacateTime = 10

As I'm running out of options, anyone succeeded with such a set-up?