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Re: [HTCondor-users] correction: How to change machine availability for job execution?

On 2/1/2016 9:36 AM, Lee Gramling wrote:

If I have several machines that can run jobs but want to be able to make
a machine unavailable perhaps thru a desktop gui and then make it
available again later, do I just change the condor_config file locally?



Hi Lee,

I am not sure I follow your question above, but if I understand you correctly, you wish to control if individual machines in your pool are willing to run jobs or not from a centralized location. You could accomplish this a number of ways. Assuming your centralized location is a machine that has administrator access to your pool (i.e. a machine that is listed in your ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR, such as your central manager), some quick ideas off the top of my head about what you could do on that central manager to stop jobs from running on machine xxx.edu

1. You could run "condor_off xxx.edu" to turn of HTCondor on that node, then "condor_on xxx.edu" to turn it back on.


2. If the condor_config file(s) for the machines are on a shared file system, you could edit the config file for machine xxx.edu so that
  START =  False
and then issue a condor_reconfig -name xxx.edu.


3. If the condor_config files are not on a shared file system, you could edit the config as above remotely via condor_config_val -rset, assuming all the various config knobs to allow remote configuration are set.

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