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[HTCondor-users] Condor and Photoshop action

Dear Condor users,


Does anyone already managed to run a Photoshop action on HTCondor? If yes, is there a special parameters that need to be activated in the submit file?

The executable (.vbs) will be as followed:

Dim appRef

Dim docRef

Dim actionName

Dim setName

Dim inputFile

Dim outputFile



Set appRef = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")



set inputFile = “some\path\A.tif”

set outputFile = “some\path\B.tif”

set actionName = “actionA”

set setName = “setA”


Set docRef = appRef.Open(inputFile)


appRef.DoAction actionName, setName


docRef.SaveAs outputFile





It seems to me that Photoshop needs the GUI to run actions and that HTCondor can’t run applications that need the GUI to work…

In advance, thanks for your answer,