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[HTCondor-users] looking for a condor_q job control gui or web app

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to not need to reinvent the wheel for this problem.

We are in finally in the process of moving our HTCondor based system into our realtime operations pipeline.  This means that it is being handed over to operators that have various levels of linux skills.  In the previous data processing pipeline this varying level of command line skills has worked because all operator tasks have always been gui based.    We have developed a new data processing pipeline with HTCondor at its heart and with a web app and database structure that allows the operators to monitor the datasets as they move through the many steps in our system.

But the one piece that we are missing is the ability to monitor the condor_q, issue hold, release, and rm commands for specific jobs, and modify the job priority setting  via a gui or web application rather than the command line. 

I am finding gui’s/apps that parse and report information from the condor logs, but I am not seeing anything that allows for simple HTCondor commanding or controlling that is not buried within a full pipeline system of its own.   Meaning I think that something like Pegasus is much more than I am looking for.

Log parsing would be an nice side benefit, but the job control options are the critical requirement.  Do any of you have any suggestions?    Did HTCondorView have this ability, or is it just a log parser?  But it appears to be going away, anyway?

                 Thank You — Mary

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