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[HTCondor-users] Troubleshooting condor_submit delay

I have a job that I submit a small batch file for each matching file I find in another directory (I call this MATCHDIR) using the queue matching command. What I've noticed is that when I submit this job from one machine (it happens to be located physically closer to the filesystem with MATCHDIR, 800+ miles closer and it is the central manager) it processes each queue quickly (adding the dots to the console window) but then sits at the final stage (no updates to the console window) for a long time, several minutes depending on how many jobs I've queued (5000+ sometimes) before giving the final output of how many jobs were submitted. Now, if I submit it from my workstation, located 800 miles from the data center with MATCHDIR, there is a little delay upfront of a few seconds while I think it is evaluating the queue command and resolving the matching files, then each queue goes about the same speed but the delay at the end is only a few seconds instead of minutes.

Is there something I can do to investigate this delay? Which log file would I look in? Are there particular condor_submit configuration file entries that I should try or are there some logging entries to enable?

Thank you,