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[HTCondor-users] HtCondor and systemd


I am running htcondor 8.4.4, the rpm version, on a Redhat 7.2 system. About 200 hosts. It works fine, except that I am not able to get the boot-script to work. We use SELinux with Enforcing turned on. We use nfs, and the CONDOR_CONFIG environment variable points to a file on the nfs network. The /etc/sysconfig/condor contains a single line with a setting like this:

We don't use cgroups. I have commented out this line in condor.service.

Can anyone out there tell me if this is supposed to work?

journalctl tells me "Cannot stat file specified in CONDOR_CONFIG environment variable" and
"failed to retrieve rpm info for the <configure file>"

I am, as you can tell, not an expert on systemd.