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[HTCondor-users] Congratulations to Peter Couvares and our other fellow HTCondor users at LIGO!

In light of yesterday's announcement of the confirmed discovery of gravitational waves, we should all extend our hearty congratulations to our fellow HTCondor user Peter Couvares of the LIGO Lab at Caltech, and his entire team at LIGO!

Peter's presentation at the 2015 HTCondor Week conference, "LIGO Computing Optimization,"  was informative and memorable, and has influenced my own thinking about IT's work with our engineering partners in various important programs, and has helped me to influence them in turn. It's available at this link:


The groundbreaking discovery of gravitational waves will have Peter's presentation, the work which it describes, and HTCondor itself as important footnotes in the history of physics and cosmology. It's absolutely no coincidence that the presentation of Peter's work preceded this announcement by less than a year.

Congratulations, Peter and the LIGO team!!


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