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[HTCondor-users] proposed change to DAG NOOP nodes

Currently, nodes that are specified as NOOPs in a DAG file are not actually submitted to HTCondor -- DAGMan itself "marks" the nodes as successful immediately. We want to move away from this, and actually submit such jobs to HTCondor (but still have them be NOOPs).

Our current idea is as follows:

* DAGMan itself would create a suitable submit file (so that the current behavior of not requiring a valid submit file will continue).

* This file would be submitted with the condor_submit argument
  -append "noop_job = true"
which would make it an HTCondor-level NOOP.

* We would add a configuration knob that would select between the old and the new behaviors, with the new behavior being the default.

For most users, there should be very little difference between the old and new versions -- the only time this should matter is if, for some reason, it is important to not actually submit the jobs to HTCondor at all.

Anyhow, please let us know if you see problems with this proposed change...

Kent Wenger