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[HTCondor-users] RESERVED_SWAP

As we develop a new pipeline for a new set of instruments, we have found that we have one calibration job that is using more memory resources than we have typically had to work with before.  This has me exploring new to me knobs to try to prevent these specific jobs from taking too many resources and locking up the system.

I found and was all set to add the RESERVED_SWAP knob to my config file  — because yes we have thrown both more memory and more swap space onto the test systsem, and we think it is enough to handle just about every case, but it looked like this RESERVED_SWAP knob would be that last extra safety net (especially since the team writing the calibration software is not done yet :) ) ,    but I see in the v8.4 manual that a comment has been added that says "It is anticipated that this configuration variable will no longer be used in the near future. “

Is there a new knob/better option, that I should look at, that would stop new jobs from starting if the available real system swap space dipped to low?

          Thank You — Mary

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