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Re: [HTCondor-users] Windows: Non-standard installation + config path

On 2/18/16 3:00 PM, Jens Schmaler wrote:
> 1. Normally we always install HTCondor in the directory "C:\Condor", but
> one user has chosen "C:\Program Files (x86)\Condor" instead. On this

The Program Files directories are privileged and require admin rights to
modify. There are ways of working with this but it's simpler to install
in a non-privileged directory like C:\Condor.

> the local config somewhere else. How can I accomplish this? As far as I
> understand, the local config file location cannot be given by an
> environment variable? Is there any other way?

Either make the location exist as a real file or directory, or create a
junction that makes it look like a real file or directory.

Rich Pieri <ratinox@xxxxxxx>
MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science