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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_submit long argument list

On 02/26/2016 04:04 PM, Todd Tannenbaum wrote:

> i.e. use the single quotes to denote a literal string, which will then
> preserve your double quote characters.   At least this should work from
> a Bash prompt, cannot say if Python os.system() is munging anything else.

Can't speak for os.system() but subprocess.Popen() will pass the
arguments to exec(3) the way you tell it to:

'arglist="-process filename.01.json -x 1 -y 1 outfile.0101.json"']

(3 arguments) vs


(9 arguments).

Dimitri Maziuk
BioMagResBank, UW-Madison -- http://www.bmrb.wisc.edu

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