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[HTCondor-users] Detecting available CPUs instead of hardware CPUs

if I start condor in a condor slot and do not set NUM_CPUS, then condor (the starting one) is detecting the hardware CPUs, not the ones that the slot is providing to it (and not the requested ones in request_cpus).
E.g. in a node with 8 cpus and 2 equal slots (4 cpus each), condor starting in one of the slots thinks to have 8 cpus, even if the job that is starting the new condor had request_cpus=4.

I have 2 questions:
1. I observed this in 8.4, is it the desired behavior in all versions?
2. If I want to manually change the NUM_CPUS in the configuration of the condor that I’m starting within the slot, which is the best way to detect the CPUS available (something that works for static and dynamic slots)?
- assuming always the request_cpus value
- RemoteUserCpu

Thank you,