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[HTCondor-users] submit file in Docker Universe


I want to start a job in a docker universe. It works fine, but I have to do some change at the submit file when I want to run the same job in a vanilla universe.

Is it possible to use one configuration of a submit file which runs for both universes? Or if not: is it planed to change something in HTCondor that the docker universe is compatible with the vanilla universe?

I use HTCondor Version: 8.4.2.



********* submit file ***********
Universe   = docker # changing this to vanilla breaks the job
docker_image=mschnepf/slc6-condocker # removed by Vanilla
Executable = ./gc-run.sh
notify_user =
Log = /home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/sandbox/GC_Condor.GC4d277e760877.log
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = /home/admin/grid-control/packages/grid_control/share/gc-run.lib,/home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/files/GC4d277e760877/CONDOR/gc-sandbox.tar.gz,/home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/sandbox/0/job_0.var,/home/admin/grid-control/packages/grid_control/share/gc-run.sh
transfer_output_files = job.info,job.stdout.gz,job.stderr.gz
initialdir = /home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/sandbox/0/
Output = /home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/sandbox/0/gc.stdout
Error = /home/admin/jobs/test_gc/work.test_gc/sandbox/0/gc.stderr
arguments = 0