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[HTCondor-users] Any tricks for simple startd cron jobs?

So I'd like to run some simple probes using startd_cron, for example a pgrep to make sure that the automounter is running. I'm trying to do it using only the startd_cron executable and args with inline commands, but I must be missing a nuance somewhere with respect to how the arguments list is parsed out. I'd like to be able to avoid having a separate shell script to generate the output which the startd is to incorporate, so that everything can be self-contained in the config.

I'm trying:

STARTD_CRON_DUMMY_ARGS = DummyAttribute=123

But this doesn't seem to do the trick. And fancier stuff like "AutomountPid=$(/usr/bin/pgrep automount)" - forget about it. Perhaps I need to invoke the shell explicitly with a -c? But then argument grouping becomes an issue.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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