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[HTCondor-users] UNC and mapped drive misunderstanding (not blocking issue)

Hello again,

after solving my initial issues while running HTCondor under Windows, I
can now achieve the aimed goal :

I'm running a pool of machine which all access the same shared storage
while running the jobs with RunAsOwner = true

Im using the small job.bat file right now which just does :

dir z:
net use

for testing purposes

All machines have the z: drive mapped to \\\Share which is
the shared storage directory used

>From the command line of all the machines in the pool the following
command :

Z:\test_condor>net use
Les nouvelles connexions seront mÃmorisÃes.

Ãtat         Local     Distant                   RÃseau

OK           Z:        \\\Share     Microsoft Windows Network

La commande s'est terminÃe correctement.

gives the same result, the drive have read write access and is mapped
using the same login/password as the HTCondor ALLOW_CONFIG account.

The drives also shows in Windows Explorer without any issue.

Now, the output of the job.bat is (identical on all machines) :

lutece\mathieu (or lugdunum\mathieu or tolosa\mathieu ... depending on
the machine that did actually run the job)

Les nouvelles connexions seront mâmorisâes.

Âtat         Local     Distant                   Râseau

Non disponib Z:        \\\Share   Microsoft Windows Network
La commande s'est terminâe correctement.

First, the output when going through the HTCondor pipeline is loosing
the initial "local" (here French localization) and all accents are lost
in the output.

The second thing is that the runasowner process works and is launched
from the right accoung (which is good) but the Z drive mapping is also
"lost" or at least unusable from the current environment :

The first column of net use command do not shows "OK" and the dir z:
command fails with error (still with accents issue) :

Le chemin d'accÅs spâcifiâ est introuvable.

(traduction : The specified path could not be found)

I already have a workaround for this while using the full UNC path
instead of drive mapped path, but I still can not understand while the
same user on the same machine can not fully use mapped drive.
This is most probably more a Windows / environment issue than a HTCondor
issue, but another workaround than using UNC would be nice.

Also for clues about keeping the computer localization and the accents
in outputs.

Best regards,

tel : +33 (0)6 87 30 83 59