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[HTCondor-users] A couple DAGman questions

Hello HTCondor Peoples

I have a three questions Iâve had trouble answering regarding DAGman.

1) It seems in the past it has been impossible to set a macro for use by all jobs in a DAG. Has this changed? Looks like in 2011 it was not possible (https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/htcondor-users/2011-April/msg00130.shtml)
For example, I would like to do something like this:
JOB A foo.sub
VARS A=$(ubername)
JOB B bar.sub
VARS B=$(ubername)

2) What is the bet way to return a value from one job and use it as input for another?
Like this?
JOB A foo.sub
JOB B bar.sub

In other words, I want to run foo.sub, then get some information from bar.sh based on the results of foo.sub, and pass that information on to bar.sub.

3) Is there a better way to provide a list of variables to a JOB in a DAG?
Iâm doing it like this:
JOB A foo.sub
VARS A junkus=âhelloâ
VARS A punkus=âworldâ


That seems to work, but wondering if there is another better syntax like a dictionary in Python style or such.


Mike Fienen
USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center