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Re: [HTCondor-users] Log messages for malformed config files?

Condor in general will abort when there is a malformed configuration file.  But validation of configuration *values* depends on which daemon looks at them and when. 

Was this a job router configuration value?

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Hi Iain,

there should be no specific log level set for any of the daemons/subsytems, so in principle default.

Restarting the condor services in general threw no error messages, so I assumed that the daemons were all up as expected.


On 2016-06-07 14:03, Iain Bradford Steers wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Usually, in my experience condor_reconfig has barfed and complained very loudly whenever I've called it with a malformed config file in config.d/. 
> What's your debug level for MASTER_DEBUG?
> Cheers, Iain
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> Hi all,
> I have just stumbled over a malformed config file, that caused 
> submitted jobs not to get onto any resources. I.e., I forgot a closing 
> bracket in a series of brackets ~~> '... \ "other" ))))))'
> I have been looking for log messages, that one could use the next time 
> to identify broken configs. However, I have found no error message 
> related to the config (or the affected ClassAd) yet.
> So, my current guess is that condor daemons skip silently over 
> malformed config files? Or maybe some higher log-level is necessary (DEBUG?)?
> Cheers,
>   Thomas
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