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[HTCondor-users] $(Item) only good for arguments in submit file?

Hi HTCondor Peoples

I think I have a simple question on using a list of items to queue in my submit file.

First, I ran a set of jobs where I chose the transfer input files like:
transfer_input_files = data.zip, unzip.exe, Python27_64_w_flopy.zip, /â/$(basename)/results/results_$(Process).zip
queue 80
This worked fine and, as expected, grabbed zip files results_0.zip, results_1.zip â. results_79.zip (and I defined basename earlier in the file)

Now, I want to re-run only two of the jobs (the ones with indices 37 and 55, respectively).

I tried this:
transfer_input_files = data.zip, unzip.exe, Python27_64_w_flopy.zip, /â/$(basename)/results/results_$(Item).zip
queue Item in (37,55)

This threw an error like:
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Can't open â/â/basename_was_here/results/results_.zip"  with flags 00 (No such file or directory)
So it seems like $(Item) is not getting unpacked from the list (37,55)? All the examples I found online (mostly from TJâs 2015 HTCondor Week slides) show using queue item in (list) to supply arguments=â

Any ideas how Iâm failing here?

Mike Fienen
USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center