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Re: [HTCondor-users] Ticket #5571: Matchmaker memory leak when using PSLOT_PREEMPTION

On 6/8/2016 3:13 PM, Vladimir Brik wrote:

I see that Ticket #5571 "Matchmaker memory leak when using
PSLOT_PREEMPTION" is listed as fixed in Condor 8.4.x version history but
not Condor 8.5.x's version history. Is that an oversight or does the
issue still affect 8.5 series?

Once a bug fix goes into the stable series, it will appear in all subsequent releases, both stable and developer series.

Since the fix above was listed in the version history for v8.4.6 released on date 4/21/16, be assured it will appear in all subsequent HTCondor releases. Thus the patch is also in v8.5.4+.

Also, Vlad, I see you have an account on wiki.htcondor.org. If you login and look at the ticket, you can click on a code commit (on the bottom of the ticket page), then click on "Branches" on the upper right to see all the versions of HTCondor that received the patch. Kinda handy.



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