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Re: [HTCondor-users] User becomes "nobody" in a few machines

Dear Ben,

Thanks a lot for your reply and very sorry for my too late response.

I tried "condor_config_val -startd UID_DOMAIN FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN", both parameters returned our domain in regardless of the returning "nobody".

Sorry again but the nobody account disappears after I set "TRUST_UID_DOMAIN = true".
I have not understood completely that a few machine lost user account but most of machines work well regardless of the same configurations.
It is possible environments between those machines are a bit difference and I can not notice the difference.

Many thanks again.
Best regards,

Hiroshi Yamaguchi

On 2016/06/13 22:03, Ben Cotton wrote:
One possibility is that you updated UID_DOMAIN and FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN
but didn't reconfig the daemons. condor_config_val will parse the
configuration to report the settings, but that doesn't mean that's
what the daemons are _currently_ using. On the affected machines, try:

    condor_config_val -startd UID_DOMAIN FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN

and make sure the output matches what you expect. If it does, you may
see some indication of the issue in the StarterLog.slotX.