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Re: [HTCondor-users] detecting Intel Xeon Phy on a machine node

Dear Greg,

thanks for the fast answer.

On 07/03/2016 22:03, Greg Thain wrote:
On 03/07/2016 02:21 PM, Andrea Sartirana wrote:

at GRIF_LLR we have some nodes equipped with accelerators.
One node is equipped with 2 K20 Tesla nvidia GPU cards and this is correctly detected by condor_gpu_discovery. On the other hand nothing is detected on the node which is equipped with 2 Intel Xeon Phy.

Is this the expected behavior?

Good morning:

Currently, HTCondor doesn't automatically detect Intel Phy (mainly because we don't have one here to test with), so what you see is expected.



BTW: as I said we have some machines equipped with Phi's. This is a platform for R&D and development, so if you need a testbed for the condor_gpu_discovery script...
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