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[HTCondor-users] dynamic allocation of RAM

we have been using htcondor quite successfully so far. yet, there is one issue that still needs resolving:

at the moment, users are required to request the amount of RAM their jobs need. if the requested amount of RAM is exceeded, the job gets killed. this, of course, gets quite annoying for the users, especially when they run jobs that take several days. this leads to the non-optimal behavior of requesting excessive amounts of RAM, thereby blocking other jobs from running.

my question is, if there would be a better solution available. brainstorming myself, i came up with the following ideas:

1. punish users by giving the a worse priority if they ask for excessive amount of RAM. i did not find a way yet to do that....

2. handle RAM allocations more dynamically. for instance:
2.1. if a job wants to use more RAM than previously requested, see whether the machine on which it runs still has this amount of RAM available. 2.2. if it does, update the request_memory to a safe value and continue running the job. 2.3. if the extra RAM is not available, stop the job, update the request_memory to a safe value and put it back into the queue.

any idea, how the second option could be done?

thanks in advance and best regards,

Dr. Thomas Hartmann

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