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[HTCondor-users] Target.Opsys vs Opsys

We recently switched to the 8.2 series after getting some issues with a
mixed bag of 7 and 8 machines in our Pool. Anyway . . .

A colleague pointed out to me that you get better / more consistent
information when you do a
condor_q -better-analyze
if the job Requirements look like this
Requirements = (Target.OpSys == "LINUX") && (Target.Arch == "X86_64")
rather than the usual
Requirements = (OpSys == "LINUX") && (Arch == "X86_64")

To my surprise he is correct.
He thought it was a change in the 8 series, but as I see no mention in the
manual I expect it has always been so.

My colleague phrased it:
"People who do use the -better-analyze option would not get conflicting
advice (from the same output!): In one part reporting that there are
plenty of matches, and yet in another place reporting that there are no
matches and advising removing the two requirements. I know that it left
me wondering whether there was some subtle issue with my submit.txt file."

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