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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_restart does not work at 2nd node

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 10:42 AM, Labounek RenÃ
<xlabou01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is the important part:

> 03/18/16 15:37:04 PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated@unmapped from host
> for command 453 (RESTART), access level ADMINISTRATOR: reason:
> ADMINISTRATOR authorization policy contains no matching ALLOW entry for this
> request; identifiers used for this host:, hostname size = 0,
> original ip address =

Do you have ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR set on the second host and does it
include the first host? For example:


>From Section 3.6.9 of the HTCondor Manual:
Machines with ADMINISTRATOR access are granted additional HTCondor
administrator rights to the pool. This includes the ability to change
user priorities with the command condor_userprio, and the ability to
turn HTCondor on and off using condor_on and condor_off. It is
recommended that few machines be granted administrator access in a
pool; typically these are the machines that are used by HTCondor and
system administrators as their primary workstations, or the machines
running as the pool's central manager.

IMPORTANT: Giving ADMINISTRATOR privileges to a machine grants
administrator access for the pool to ANY USER on that machine. This
includes any users who can run HTCondor jobs on that machine. It is
recommended that ADMINISTRATOR access is granted with due diligence.


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